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Monday, January 3, 2011

Equine Healing

The progression of equine healing takes place in stages. If you have an unexplained lameness issue, start from the feet and work up.  Be sure the hoof is trimmed properly, preferably barefoot and the frog is healthy,and free of infections.  Inspect all parts of the foot to be sure the foot shape is balanced and the frog is spread and able to function properly.  If any part of the foot is away from it's true form, this can be the origin of lameness showing up in the hind end or back.  Ill-fitted tack must also be considered as a possible cause of lameness and poor work attitude. 

Once the correction is made on the feet, the next phase reveals another aspect to the healing.  The misaligned spine caused by the improper foot, can cause any of the following misalignments; one shoulder higher, one hip higher, pelvic misalignments, tail con-strictures, thorasic misalignments, TMJ, etc.  It all begins to show itself one at a time, like peeling the layers of an onion.  These are all areas of compensation.  Find a good equine massage therapist, chiropractor, equine osteopath or other therapist who specializes in releasing these compensations.  If you focus on the back without adjusting the feet, the fix will only be temporary.  Like the old saying, no hoof, no horse.  It rings true in so many more ways than perhaps thought many years ago.  

Remember there is no quick fix.  The healing process is just that a process that can take up to several years depending on the severity of the condition and the treatments.  

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