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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Safe Horse Fencing

Not all fencing is suitable for horses.  All too often horses are seen fenced in barb wire, straight wire or some other type of unsafe confinement.  These type of fences are extremely dangerous for horses.  The damage done to a horse from improper fencing can permanently scar, maim, lame or kill a horse.  It causes unnecessary vet bills and stress.

Yes, good fencing costs more but the initial investment pays for itself and then some.  There is no substitute for proper fencing.  It provides peace of mind, knowing that your horse or horses are safe from harm.  An example of safe fencing is one that is highly visible to horses.  A grazing horse appears calm and it may seem to never go near the fence.  If that same horses is frightened and bolts, and the fencing is not visible, such as a wire fence, the horse will have a collision and may end up severely injured.  

The fence needs to be secure but also have some give so that should a horse bolt and collide with it, the damage to the fence and the horse is minimal.  It should be high enough to discourage the horse from jumping it and strong enough so the horse cannot push it over.  It should have no openings that can trap a hoof or a head and no sharp points for the horse to injure itself on.

With that said, there are many safe fencing options available that are specifically designed for the horse.  Do the research and plan well for the type of fence that will fit your needs and your budget.  Your horse's welfare depends on it.