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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Energy Centers of the Horse

Your horse has an energy system, both physical and etheric. The system encompasses the chakra centers.  These centers hold the memory of the past  and present emotional traumas. Any aspect of emotional energy that has not been healed or released affects the health and mental state of the entire being. 

There are many reasons for the energy system of the equine to become sluggish, blocked or broken.  Chronic pain, poorly fitted tack, improper hoof maintenance, unbalanced riding, poor nutrition, stress or an emotional habit creates a blockage in the energy system.  If left unattended, eventually lameness or other physical discomforts manifest. Symptoms may include but are not limited to; uneven gait, pain, lack of enthusiasm, evasions and spooking. 

The horse naturally is wired for flight or fight.  If he is in pain or discomfort or a frustrating situation, he will choose one of the two options or both. This will manifest in the form of evasions such as shying, stopping, bolting, bucking, and much more.  The evasions are whatever the horse feels it needs for self-preservation at the present moment.

Color codes for Chakras:
              • Crown: White
              • Third Eye: Purple
              • Throat: Blue
              • Heart: Pink & Green
              • Solar Plexus: Yellow
              • Navel: Orange
              • Root: Black & Red

Energy-Meridian therapy or Pranic healing can help to locate areas of distress in the body as well as recharge the cellular structure.  It is a slow release of trapped emotional energy associated with trauma or discomfort.   Think of it as an electrical current running through the body.  You cannot see these currents but if the current hits a frayed or broken wire, the current becomes weak or dispersed.  It manifests itself physically by symptoms of fatigue, weakness or illness. Energy balancing mends the frays and restores a complete circuit of the life force allowing the body to heal itself.

If the cause of the imbalance is not corrected, it is only a temporary relief.  In most cases, poorly fitted tack, improperly shod or trimmed hooves, and poor riding, training and miscommunications are the major causes of these imbalances.   

With a holistic approach to riding and training your horse, these imbalances can correct itself over time if the cause is recognized and corrected.  The more you ride in balance with your horse and allow the horse to carry itself in balance with the rider, the less you as a rider interfere with what the horse knows how to do naturally.  The result is a release of trapped emotional energy, pain and discomfort for both the horse and the rider.  Riding and communicating with your horse becomes effortless. Both horse and rider are happy.

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