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Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Barefoot?

What would happen if you walked around with your foot in a steel unforgiving shoe?  You might be laughing at the thought of how ridiculous this may sound and how obvious the discomfort would be.  Well, this is what horses are expected to do and the shoes never get to come off.   Yet it is an accepted school of thought that horses were meant to wear shoes and the thought of riding your horse barefoot is scorned by those who support steel shoes on their horses.  The extensive research of the natural barefoot hoof is unquestionable

For those of you still sitting on the fence about rehabilitating your horse's hooves and taking those steel shoes off, click to read this article.


  1. massive fan of the work done by andrew bowe and strongly recommend keeping horses barefoot. Both my current horses are barefoot and are very happy.
    Out on the trails which are a little rocky they can be a bit sensitive, probably need more conditioning to the terrain (my fault) but I use the Cavallo simple boots and find them amazing. I have had the same pair for over 2 years and go through bogs, clay, puddles, mud, dams etc and have never lost one. The horses like putting their hooves into them and happily wear them all day.
    My old OTT TB never had any drama with being barefoot and he was obviously shod from a young age. I don't believe there is any excuse as to why horses cannot be kept barefoot and am a strong believer in the concept

  2. Anyone interested in learning more about the barefoot horse, please subscribe to the Horses Hoof. It is a wealth of information. Another great resource is: I have personally apprenticed with Susanella. She is quite amazing.